How & Where To Hide A Safe In Your House In 7 Super Smart Ways

Many don’t understand the importance of having a safe, let alone how to hide them in their house. I know you are wondering, “What’s so important about having a safe?” Well, having a safe home can be a great way to hide some of your most prized and valuable possessions. Trust us, no one likes to lose that special watch you wear only for special occasions. But you know what’s even more important than having a safe?

Choosing the right place to hide your safe. Yes, hiding your safe in an appropriate place is crucial. You will happy to know that experienced burglars are familiar with the common hiding spots; they wouldn’t be pros id they didn’t. Safes attract burglars and thieves because safes usually hold valuable items that the owner wants to keep private. That’s why you want to pick a place for your safe that’s invisible for most criminals.

You don’t have to be a top-secret spy or important businessman to have a safe. Actually, you will be surprised to know that it is a lot more common than you think. So, you just bought a safe to hide some very important documentation, but you don’t know where to hide it? Luckily for you, we have some neat placed where you can hide that top-secret safe of yours. Just don’t forget the pin, please! Well, that’s a totally different article. Now let’s see how to hide a safe in your house in seven steps.

Under Your Stairway

Yes, we know that this through you for a loop. I know you are thinking that this would probably be the first place a thief would check since stairways are usually right in front of the door or window that they used to enter the house. But it is actually one of the last places they would check. Stairways are some of the best places to protect your valuables. One of the best things about hiding your safe in a stairway is that you will have quick access to your valuables. Everybody loves having quick access to their valuables. It also helps if you have an opening under your stairway. You don’t have to worry about coming out of too much money for the installation. Installation is rather simple and very cheap.

Behind A Bookshelf

How many burglars do you think like to read? Well, we don’t know that’s why we asked you. But do you honestly think that they would expect a bookshelf? Now, the bookshelf should be big enough that putting your safe behind it will conceal it from anyone who doesn’t know it’s there. Having such a heavy object makes it highly unlikely that the burglar will try to move it and look behind it.

The Attic

Do you honestly think that a thief will want to go up in a cold-shivering attic? Of course not. Even a master burglar doesn’t waste his/her time, climbing the stairs and into an attic to find a precious safe. Remember, a burglar wants to get in and get out, undetected, as soon as possible. We’re going to assume that hiding a safe in an attic is one of your best bets.

Behind A Hidden Door

Some good old Hollywood style hidden door in your house can make your safe hiding plan very much full proof. However, choose the spot carefully, as spot selection is key when hiding a safe behind a hidden door. Closet, cabinet door or best constructing one inside a wall, all these options can work for you.

In The Floor

Now we know that you haven’t thought about this one. Whether you believe it or not, floor safes are very popular hiding spots for a safe. Mainly because it’s of the most secure solutions out there. You can hide your safe in plain sight and a thief wouldn’t know the difference. To make the opening blend in even better, you might want to set a piece of carpet over the opening. There are some burglars who have a heightened sense of detail.

Inside Your Kitchen Cabinet

Isn’t this a great idea? For sure it is! Now again this depends on you choosing the right spot. The kitchen is a hotbed of noises and intruders will think thrice before entering a place that can cause disruption in their work. This is where homeowners can capitalize and fool them.

A Disguise Safe

Now, this is some elite-level trick to play on intruders. It involves the hiding of your actual safe in any of the spots mentioned above and buying another safe. This can perhaps be cheaper and lighter (so that it can be picked up easily). Store it with some useless documents and put it on display someplace where it can be easily found.

Look at this article of ours to find a good safe.

Final Thoughts

Other than these, there are many unexplored corners in your house that can be used to hide a safe. But as suggested earlier spot selection is extremely important. So take your time in finding the right place and the right spot and sleep peacefully.