How To Secure A Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding glass doors are a common feature of many houses. They often lead to an outside terrace. These let in a lot of natural light and provide a wider view of the exterior compared to conventional doors. The best way to secure a sliding glass door is to install a metal bar so that the door cannot be opened by sliding it.

The downside of having a sliding glass door is that they are easy to break into which makes them tough to secure. Your locks can be easily forced. Even if you have installed the best available lock, due to its construction, they will not provide much security. The bands are made of wood, aluminum or vinyl. And they simply look at a wooden or metal frame.

Before going into the installation part we assume you have a safety bar already. If not here’s our recommendation – Ideal Security Patio Door Security Bar (Adjustable 26-47 inches for ventilation)

Installation Steps

Step 1

Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the metal safety bar package. Basically, you will mount the base of the bar in the frame of the fixed door. There will be a bar attached to the base that moves up and down.

Step 2

Measure from the bottom of the sliding door frame as many inches (centimeters) as the manufacturer recommends. Mark the point with a pencil.

Step 3

Place the base of the safety bar at the point you marked to determine where the screw holes should be drilled. Make sure the base is positioned so that the mobile bar is raised. Mark the places where you will need to drill with a pencil.

Step 4

Leave the base aside. Drill the holes for the screws in the frame. Place the base in the frame again. Line up the holes for the mounting screws with the holes you have drilled.

Step 5

Screw the metal safety bar firmly in place. To use the bar, make sure the sliding glass door is completely closed. Lower the mobile bar so that it is placed between the fixed door and the sliding door. To unlock the door, raise the bar and fold it to one side against the frame.

Sliding glass patio doors provide light and beauty to a room. They are also a security risk if you do not secure them properly, as they are an easily accessible point for intruders. Several methods of getting sliding glass patio doors are easy as cheap.

Thieves And Intruders

Thieves or intruders enter through sliding glass doors or sliding windows by forcing them to open or lift their tracks. They are also able to break the glass of a sheet. It is for security the patio door is an important part of your home protection plan.

In fact, the visibility of security measures may be all that is necessary to deter a thief or an intruder.

Cheaper Alternatives For A Safety bar

One of the means to secure a sliding glass door is by installing a safety bar. Security bars can be as simple as a piece of pipe or duct cut to size (1/4 inch shorter than the length of the door track exposed when the door is closed) and placed on the door track so that you can’t slide the door open. Even a broomstick can be used for this purpose.

You can also buy security bars that have a locking device, which is capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds of force. Another form of security is that which is installed in the door frame and swings down on a support at the edge of the door to lock the bar in place. What is nice about this type of security gate is that it can be adjusted to any width so that you have the door partially open and still have the security of anyone being able to enter. It is also very visible from the outside, which is an impediment in itself.

Can you put a lock on a sliding glass door?

Sliding glass doors come with a built-in lock. However, most of these closure systems are soft or brittle and can easily snap or break. You can have a locksmith do this job for you, which increases the security of your door. If you need a key to open this lock, make sure you have a key near the door in case you need to exit quickly (due to an emergency like a fire).

Screens in the sliding doors have a very flimsy locking system, and you should not rely on this alone. If you have the glass door open and the screen locked, someone can easily force you to open the screen door or even cut the screen to enter your home.


If your sliding door has a glass sheet, you may want to consider replacing the glass with polycarbonate or embedded wire glass. However, it may be less expensive to install a new sliding door to replace the glass. If you decide to change the door, look for one that has double glass.