Best Spray Foam Insulation For Windows – Your Options Explained

Spray foam insulation has turned out to be a cheap yet effective solution. Insulation of windows is really important as they play an important part in regulating the temperature of the house. Not only that, well-insulated windows conserve energy and your cash.

Using spray foam for insulation in windows is common but the choices are so vast that choosing the right one is a concern.

Spray foam insulation can be done by – 

  1. Using a spray foam insulation can
  2. Using a spray foam insulation kit

Now there are people who use the insulation kit especially if they have lots of insulation work to do. Since the insulation kit comes with a plethora of things it is usually a more expensive option compared to a spray can

If your budget allows, going with a kit is a better option if there is a lot of insulation work to be done, especially around boards, etc.

A spray can, on the other hand, is more of a quick fix to get the job done quickly without hurting your pocket. There is no significant difference between the two in terms of reliability but if covering a lot of frames going with a kit is always better.

Here we cover the best spray foam insulation in a can for windows.

Best Spray Foam Insulating Can For Windows – Loctite TITEFOAM Insulating Foam Sealant {OUR PICK}

Our pick is this can from Loctite which is arguably the best spray foam insulation brand today. A German-owned American brand renowned for cranking out some really amazing products in the adhesives & sealants segment for more than sixty years.

Due to their name, this is a very easy choice to make. Reasons? First, it is a well-trusted brand used by thousands of homeowners. Two, it is cheaper than a lot of substandard options out there.

Diving a bit deeper, a can weighs close to 12 oz. or 340 grams with a good density to boast. It comes with a nozzle, so you don’t have to buy it separately, which is always a good thing. It’s fascinating to know that there are some nozzles that cost more than this can if bought separately. 

Shocked? We were too, although they come in bundles to be fair on them. But that means you have to buy them in bulk anyway which makes no sense.

The foam is white in color if that concerns you.

Upon application, it should be untouched for at least three days during which it will expand and cover the gaps. Post which you can cut the edges or make the necessary changes if you want but until that time is passed don’t ever touch it.

Care should be taken during the application, which means using the can with bare hands is a no-no. Use protective gloves instead, here’s one if you are looking. 

Try to finish the job in one go as this is best utilized when used all at once. Using it for a second time can be a hassle as the inside content can harden up causing difficulties. We reckon this can insulate around 10-12 windows.

GREAT STUFF PRO Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant – Better but expensive option

Before we go any further let it be known that this can be used only with a GREAT STUFF PRO Series Dispensing Gun which is sold separately.

This is more of an advanced or you can say a pro option to insulate your windows.

Though a bit more expensive than Loctite it is far superior to it. How? They score their first points in terms of longevity. 

By longevity we mean this is not built for a one time use, you can use it once and use it for the second time after several weeks and it will work absolutely fine. 

Of course, you need to clean it externally after every use which is the case with every can.

The inside contents will not harden up which makes it easier to use again.

This combined with the beauty of a dispensing gun which not only makes sure you’re far away from the dispensed foam but also helps you in accurately targeting the gaps which are otherwise tough to do while using normal spray cans.

One such can from Great Stuff Pro weighs 20 oz. or 567 grams and will insulate 15-20 windows easily.

Remember to only use the Great stuff Pro 14 dispensing foam gun as it fits with almost all their spray cans so this is basically a one-time investment. 

Made with aluminum, by using this gun you can actually control the beads. This is due to its flow control mechanism which can dispense beads ranging ⅛ inch – 3 inch. This, in turn, reduces excess wastage of the inside contents, something which isn’t possible when using a spray can.


Though both are great it all depends on your budget and what kind of problem are you looking to solve. If you want to insulate only a few windows here and a few gaps there then undoubtedly the single-use can by Loctite is your best option.

On the other hand, if there are a lot of windows, frames, gaps, etc. to fix and you reckon one can not be enough for it then spending a little on Great Stuff Pro’s spray can with a dispensing gun.

In fact, the gun can be used for later purposes and the precision it provides is second to none.

You can check our article here for steps on how to insulate windows with a spraying foam.