The 7 Best Video Doorbell Without Subscription

New and upcoming doorbells often come with a subscription plan to store images & videos. This subscription plan even when they have great benefits, is disliked by many due to the monthly payment commitments to it. So we have extensively researched some of the best video doorbell that is without a subscription plan. 

Video doorbells are in some crazy demand these days, especially due to the fact that they can act both as a doorbell and as a CCTV. And with most of the thefts originating right outside your doorstep, it is just imperative that one needs to have this device.  Video doorbell with free local storage is what we’ll focus on here.

Here’s The List Of Best Video Doorbell Without Subscription

We’ll start with an interesting graph –

Video Doorbell With Local Storage (In Hrs)

video doorbell with local storage

Note – DS-HD1 Hikvision not included in this graph as they don’t provide a cloud solution at present and rely on SD cards only.

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1) eufy Security – Our No.1 Pick

Eufy was actually our No.1 pick even when we did a comparison with Ring. Their storage plan is one of the best with military-grade encryption and that too without a monthly subscription. But what propels them to the top of our list is amazing features, good reviews & excellent operational ability.

What’s more? Well, they are ranked No.1 by imore, android central, digital trends & USA Today.

Monthly Commitment 

Inbuilt local storage, no monthly subscription needed.


Powered by existing wiring, it doesn’t support sole battery though.


  • With a crystal clear 2K image coupled with a 2560 x 1920 resolution, it produces one of the clearest images & footage for your reference. HDR imaging feature makes sure that high clarity for backlit With most of the devices having a 16:9 aspect ratio to record images & videos, eufy uses a 4:3 aspect ratio to ensure that the footage viewability is more.
  • Facial snapshot notifications will help you to know who’s at your doorstep whenever there’s someone outside.
  • Smart detection zones help you customize the areas where you want extra attention from the cameras.
  • It has the option to view 3 seconds of footage just before the initial alert. This helps the homeowner in getting clarity as to who is really out there. 
  • Not at home? No problem, you get the option to record up to three instant response messages. Once someone is at the door, you can choose from one of these messages to show up and will help the person outside your door to carry out your desired instructions.
  • This device is compatible with both Google Voice Assistant & Amazon Alexa.


  • Is reliant on existing wiring could have been better if it supported batteries as well.

Our Verdict

This device is your best bet if you’re looking for a doorbell with an excellent camera, good features & without a subscription. And as we have previously stated this device has impressed us immensely & we actually put this above the Ring device even if we don’t factor in the subscription factor.

2) Honeywell SkyBell Slim Design Silver Finish – Runner Up

Honeybell has a strong reputation and has made a name for themselves in manufacturing quality security products. Their products go through their security checks & customers support them for their after-sales service which is fantastic. SkyBell is one of those widely sold doorbells all thanks to the strong customer reviews they have got.

Monthly Commitment

No monthly subscription and it comes with free cloud storage which can be accessed through their SkyBell app. Video clips are stored in the cloud through Total Connect 2.0.


Installation is done through existing wiring and is pretty easy.


  • Great camera quality with a 1080p resolution to produce stunning images & videos.
  • Equipped with a full-color night vision camera to help you get hold of footage at night time.
  • 180 degrees wide-angle viewability & an image sensor operating at 15 fps.
  • The doorbell mount can be adjusted with the help of a wedge kit, this is to help you angle the doorbell correctly to focus on a particular area completely.
  • Can handle temperatures up to -40 to 140°F.
  • The device is also dust and waterproof.


  • A bit expensive compared to other doorbells.


One thing is for sure that you’ll be getting really good customer service from Honeybell in case you have any issues. That aside price is the only factor you have to decide on as the features are great and its sleek design is what makes it stand out.

The installation will not cause you headaches as is the case for most of the other devices and that has a lot to do with its sleek dimensions and the improvements Honeybell has made over the years based on customer reviews

3) EZVIZ DB1 – Smart Video Doorbell – Best For SD Card Storage

EZVIZ comes in third in our list by giving us what we’re looking for. Three-hour cloud storage, a backup SD card of 128 GB! This alone should be more than enough to fit the bill. 

Another thing working in their favor is the fact that they are a global home security brand and they are very much into the production of home security products. Their devices are widely sold and look professional, unlike many other random brands you hear of.

Monthly Commitment

The device comes with free 3-hour cloud storage so that you can watch and download any activity which occurred in the last 180 minutes. In addition to this, their 128 GB memory card ensures that you are good to go in the long term in terms of capturing activity outside your house.


Installation is done with the help of existing wiring, the manufacturer also provides mounting tools & brackets so that you can set it up the way you want.


  • Best in terms of design and will look good outside your door.
  • A resolution of 2048 x 1536 which is better than almost all the doorbells in the market.
  • Supports dual-band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz.
  • With an impressive 180 degrees field of view, it will ensure that nothing escapes the vision of the device.
  • Night vision enabled up to 16 feet, to make sure you can reach places where a naked eye cannot.
  • Noise suppression & echo cancellation feature added.
  • Weatherproof device.
  • Select your own custom detection zones, set alerts.
  • Three different color faceplates provided by the manufacturer, this really helps when the device starts picking dust and is starting to look old.
  • Works well with both Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.


  • No real con as such, but such powerful devices require a steady internet connection at all times so make sure your connection is on point.


EZVIZ has a case to be the No.1 as well on our list. With such an impressive display to boast of and couple that with local storage that runs up to 128 GB, we have a winner in here.

4) DS-HD1 Hikvision USA Original – Satisfactory

Made by Hikvision, a Chinese company(partially state-owned) specializing in video surveillance, this device combines innovation with design. At first look, the design and build will capture your attention, but that’s not all the features will amaze you as well. 

Since it is big into cameras, you can expect the display to be top-notch and that is definitely the case. Hikvision has invested heavily in R&D and the results are there to see, it is imperative that you choose a brand that invests a lot into their products.

Monthly Commitment

Works on the inbuilt micro SD card, which can go up to 128 GB. No monthly fees required of any sort.


Required existing doorbell wiring to function.


  • A 180-degree wide-angle field of view to capture footage from top to bottom without cropping anything out.
  • 3-Year warranty on the device.
  • Night vision enabled with an infrared range of approximately 15 feet.
  • Supports 2.5 & 5 GHz.
  • PIR motion sensor enabled.
  • It has a unique feature to let you connect with existing Hikvision recorders.
  • Three faceplates of different colors (Black, White & Gray) are provided to the buyer.


  • Users have faced some initial difficulties in getting the device connected.


The overall product is quite satisfactory in our opinion, a lot of users though had problems in setting up the device. It seems like there was some issue with the stuff published in their manual so the WiFi setup is a bit complicated. 

The Hikvision app on the other hand which plays an important role in connecting the device to your smartphone apparently works better on iPhone than Android. We hope they must be addressing this issue right away but iPhone users are better off with this device than android users.

Once connected, the device works like a charm and that is evident from the positive reviews from the users, being a device coming from a company solely into video surveillance, it is no surprise that users have found it satisfactory.

5) Remo+ RemoBell S – Also Great

This can raise a lot of eyebrows when you take a look at it, and it might seem an unpopular opinion but this is very well an alternative for you. An alternative in the sense that it provides free cloud storage without a monthly subscription, and this what we believe you’re looking for. But that’s not all, backed by solid customer reviews its features are second to none as you’ll see once we dive further into them.

Monthly Commitment 

No monthly subscription, in addition to free cloud storage for up to three days after which you have an option to get their paid plan. However, if you’re planning the storage accordingly you can enjoy free cloud storage as you can store up to three days.


Not battery supported and the installation is done with existing wiring.


  • High-quality HD streaming for all the live videos in addition to a 180 degree wide viewing angle. 
  • Select target areas which will allow the device to focus on it and send you instantaneous alerts & notifications.
  • A dedicated app called Remo+ (works both on ios and android) to allow you to see and communicate with visitors at your doorstep.
  • Infrared night vision is also enabled which will help you to monitor visitors during night time.
  • Smart motion alerts to help you know who’s standing outside even if they haven’t pushed the button.
  • Ability to share the screen with up to five users.
  • Weather resistant device which can operate in a temperature range of -4ºF ~ 122ºF.
  • Excellent compatibility with IFTTT, Alexa & Google Assistant.


  • The free cloud storage could be longer than three days, but if you’re willing to manage your files manually then this should never be a problem for you.


Other than the cloud storage con that we mentioned above, rest all the features are on point and in line with other top doorbells. By managing the storage you can enjoy a really good device without shelling anything out for a monthly subscription.

6) SOOCOO Video Doorbell – Satisfactory

This might look like a futuristic device from the 2000s when you see it, but let’s discount that as this gets the job done and that is all we expect. SOOCOO if you don’t already know is a premium sports action camera manufacturer. 

And you can expect superior motion image capturing in this device when such a manufacturer decided to get their hands dirty in this segment. SOOCOO believes in manufacturing small size devices which gives excellent picture quality.

Monthly Commitment

No monthly commitment is required as this device works on an SD card (32 GB) to help it record images & videos. An SD card reader is also provided. In addition to this, you will also have an option to avail of free cloud storage which will record up to 7 days of footage.


No existing wiring of any sort is required as this device is run with the help of batteries which needs to be charged regularly.


  • Not only it has a good resolution of 1080p, but it also automatically collects the ambient brightness value coupled with the IR light sensor to get clear images in the dark.
  • Two-way audio when connected through the app. 
  • Flexibility to set the motion detection sensitivity according to your needs which in turn will also save battery life if it is set on LOW.
  • It comes with a chime, and you can hear the voice from the chime and from your phone as well.
  • The device’s power can be checked through its app so that you know when it is running out of power. It also has an ultra-low power consumption option there, which can make the device run for up to six months.
  • Different plates with angles are also provided so that you can mount your device according to your own needs and focus on one particular area.
  • Multi-user system allowing up to 4 users to use the device at the same time.


  • The only con we could find is that this device is not waterproof. We hope they correct this and produce a waterproof device in their next update.


With one of the easiest installation process, SOOCOO ticks all the boxes of a proper video doorbell. Since SOOCOO’s expertise is in the sports camera niche you can trust them to transfer that expertise in this device and they have done that really well. And with an SD card, the hassle of managing a monthly subscription is out of the question.

7) Amcrest 1080p Video Doorbell Camera Pro – Satisfactory

A new addition, this doorbell is from Amcrest, a company that specializes in making high-quality security cameras. This replaces our earlier addition that was UPEOR. This one’s better than UPEOR especially in terms of storage capacity.

Monthly Commitment

Amcrest gives you a full one year subscription free of cost. In addition to that you can also opt for an Micro SD card storage. Amcrest supports a 128 GB memory card on which you can store video recordings.


To make this device work you’ll need to have an existing wiring as it doesn’t work on batteries.


  1. 1920 x 1080p High definition resolution with extra wide 140 degree angle of viewing for optimal viewing & maximum coverage.
  2. Two way audio enabled for seamless talk from both ends.
  3. Two interchangeable faceplates are included with this purchase.
  4. Night vision enabled in this device that will let you see up to 16 ft. in the dark.
  5. Amcrest smart home app to allow you to receive notifications via mail or straight to your phone.
  6. 1 Year warranty in addition to lifetime support in case of a technical issue.


  1. Doesn’t work with batteries.
  2. Works with a 2.4 GHz network only and doesn’t support 5GHz networks.
  3. You’ll have to purchase the micro SD card yourself if you plan on using local storage.

Final Verdict

Not many devices can provide you with both, good local storage (128 GB) as well as complimentary 1-year free cloud services. This factor alone makes it ranks above many other doorbells. The company is heavily involved in making security products and will be updating these more in the future. Overall a good doorbell with not too many major flaws in it.

8) LaView WiFi 1080P – DON’T BUY

LaView is famous in the home security space, from DIY surveillance cameras, surveillance systems, DVR’s & NVR’s they have it all covered. With a simple design, this doorbell has tried to cover most of the basic features and they have succeeded as well. Let’s see the features it has on offer. Also check our verdict to understand why we don’t want you to purchase it.

Monthly Fees

It has a 16 GB SD card to record videos, but it is claimed that it can support up to 128 GB. there is no monthly charge whatsoever if you own this doorbell.


No batteries present, so it requires existing wiring for its installation.


  • Remote viewing all thanks to the strong WiFi connectivity the device boasts of. This allows the user to get hold of the outside footage sitting from anywhere in his/her house.
  • A dedicated app called LaView Connect to make sure you’re always in touch with what’s happening outside your door.
  • Motion detection can be customized your way so that you can focus on any particular section you want. Additionally, the doorbell will notify you on your smartphone whenever any visitor comes into its field of vision.
  • The display is a stunning 1080p with a 30 fps resolution. This is well complemented by a full 180-degree field of view.
  • Night vision with infrared can make you see up to 15 feet in the dark.
  • IP 54 rated, weatherproof in the ranges of -22° F to 122° F.
  • Two-way communication for better user experience.


  • The motion sensor is a bit too sensitive for our liking.
  • Other than the sensors there is a myriad of issues that we’ll deliver in our verdict below.


Don’t buy, yes we are saying this upfront. The only reason to list this in the first place was to make sure our readers know this because this is one of the products they will definitely see once they are in search of video doorbells with local storage. 

And while this does fulfill the criteria of having no monthly fees, the features it has advertised itself for have some underlying issues which they need to correct. We hope they fix their problems in their next update, and whenever that happens we’ll update our review as well.

So based on our research we conclude that the best video doorbell without subscription plan is eufy Security.

Things To Look For When Buying A Video Doorbell


Of course, this is the number one thing on your mind. When looking for a doorbell. The subscription costs to use their cloud services often go too high. This has been an ongoing concern for all homeowners but the problem is that they need to have storage options that are feasible.

We therefore suggest you go for devices that have a high SD card storage, at least above 100 GB to be precise. This will make sure your doorbell can record a lot of footage without the worry of running out of space. 

A doorbell which provides free cloud service is definitely a better option than an SD card. Also, you shouldn’t worry about the price too much as it is a better investment for the long term.


Camera quality is of extreme importance in any security device as without it the device is of no use. In this regard always make sure to go for devices with HD resolution. Video doorbells with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p are ideal to capture complex frames and will give you a clearer picture of the door. 

Companies that are mainly into the making of security devices & cameras are the ones who do a better job in this department. So make sure the brand you are going with has a solid background in this so that you are assured of your doorbell’s quality.

Night Vision

No doorbell is complete without a night vision. Your device is of no use if it lacks in this department. A lot of doorbells have night vision just for the sake of it, these are the ones you need to avoid. Look for the field of vision at night, if it is beyond 8 feet then it can handle itself well. 

Of course the more the better. However, every doorbell has its limitations in this department but you need to make sure that the night vision is good enough to at least be able to capture frames that can help you identify who’s outside.

Separate App For Tracking

Another important thing to look at is whether the company is having a dedicated application or not. Most of the time companies do have their separate apps to help you record videos, get notifications & whatnot. 

The most important thing to look for is which all play stores it supports. If you’re using Android it doesn’t make any sense going for a doorbell whose app only supports Apple and vice versa.

Field Of Vision

This one is simple the wider the better. Most good doorbells have a field of vision beyond 120 degrees. Some have 180 degrees, the more viewability, the better it is for you to get a broader vision of what’s happening.

Weather Proof Or Not?

Make sure the device you’re buying is weatherproof. This is especially important if you are located in a place where extreme temperature changes happen over a year. You need to make sure your doorbell can handle the stress of the outside environment. And IP rated weatherproof doorbells are what you should aim for.

Post Updated On Dec 2020