How To Stop A Motion Sensor Light From Turning Off With One Simple Tip

Motion sensors are quite effective in finding moving objects. Their role in protecting outdoor lawns and houses are quite underrated. These small electronic eyes are able to detect infrared waves or heat waves with ease. These waves are generated from an object that’s moving. All in all these sensors are an effective security item that is needed by all homeowners.

Most of the time these motion sensors are built in a way that the lights will switch ON only when it detects a moving object. When it detects a moving object, heat waves that are generated from that object are captured. This will then switch the lights ON.

There are a lot of instances where false alarms can spoil a homeowner’s day. This is the reason why many don’t opt for a motion sensor light in the first place.

Some who own these sensors would want the lights to Turn On at all times to save themselves from a false alarm.

How To Make A Motion Sensor Light Stay On All The Time

To stop a motion sensor light from turning off all you need to do is to turn the switch OFF and then turn it ON within seconds. This will ensure that an override is completed and the light will now stay ON.

If you want the motion sensor to detect normally you would need to turn it OFF. Wait for another 15-20 seconds before switching it ON again. Doing this will ensure that the motion sensor is back to its normal operation and will now switch ON its light only when a motion is detected.

Precautions To Be Taken While Doing This

While this might seem like a very easy method, making your sensor light turned ON all the time can damage your components. When switches are being modified, it is very important to make use of a relay so that you lessen the chances of damaging your electronic components.

Doing this yourself might not be a great idea. So it is better that you take the help of an electrician so that he can work well in getting the desired outcome you need.

Also, be aware of the sensitivity settings on your motion sensor. Adjusting the sensitivity more or less can directly have an impact on the outcome of your motion sensor.

With low sensitivity, the lights will switch ON only when something significant is detected. While having a high sensitivity will lead to the sensor light switching ON even on detecting minor interferences.

Our Recommendation For A Motion Sensor

If you’re looking for a good budget-friendly outdoor motion sensor light system then we recommend this one.

This is a solar light that charges up using direct sunlight. Being solar means no worries to get an external power source or the hassle of changing batteries every now & then.

It detects motion up to 26 ft & has a 120 degrees wide field of vision.  Also has three lighting modes to choose from – 1) Glow Mode, 2) Dusk To Dawn Mode & 3) Motion Activated Mode.

Here the Glow mode & dusk to dawn mode works by providing continuous light regardless of motion.

By choosing glow mode you’ll have continuous light & the light will brighten up more when it detects motion.

Dusk to dawn mode is the same as glow mode. The only difference it has compared to glow mode is that it will not brighten up when detecting motion.

The motion-activated mode can be used to bring the motion sensor to its normal operation.

So as you can see if you are already looking for a motion sensor light that is flexible then this will serve your purpose.