How Many Glass Break Sensors Do I Need? Is There Any No.?

Glass break sensors or detectors are getting more and more advanced with time. They started as a security sensor but as more sensors have made their way in the market the demand for glass break sensors still remains high.

People do trust glass break sensors more now than ever for their safety but the question remains how many is too many?

We have gone through several different manuals and taken some real experiences into account to answer this question.

How Many Glass Break Sensors Do I Need?

The short answer to this will depend on your window count. The more windows that are vulnerable from the outside the more sensors you’ll need.

This shouldn’t be expensive though as glass break detector is getting cheaper with wireless sensors hitting the market. These alarms work on batteries thus eliminating the power supply option completely.

Though some may not prefer a wireless alarm, these are cheaper and will notify you when they run out of batteries. Not only that, their installation is super quick as well.

A house may have n number of windows in it. To have an efficient home security system it is imperative that we protect all our windows that are vulnerable. By being vulnerable we mean the window on the outside that may have a chance of infiltration by thieves & burglars.

Is There A Particular Number?

There is no such particular number that you can follow by the book. The smart thing to do is to have as many sensors as you can and the count should be equal to the number of windows.

You need all your windows to be monitored so that your house is well protected.

Can We Not Use A Single Sensor For Adjacent Windows?

Yes, you can as these sensors are powerful enough to catch sounds nearby. Though if your budget allows it is advisable to use one each for each window.

If at all you are planning to use lesser sensors you may feel the need to increase the sensitivity of your sensor. This will make sure the detector detects motion in the nearby windows as well.

Increasing sensitivity leads to false alarms as well. But having fewer sensors will mean you need to tune up the sensitivity a bit for your protection.

Sometimes, what may happen is that a sensor is not working. And if you have only one for the adjacent window as well, a single sensor might put you in a lot of trouble.

What About Sliding Glass Doors? How Many?

The sliding glass door can be a different thing altogether compared to a window. It is absolutely necessary to have one sensor each for a door. No compromises here. If the surface area of your glass door is big enough don’t hesitate to put two glass break sensors opposite each other for maximum security.

Because the surface area is big in the case of doors, there is no need to increase the sensitivity of the detector. A broken glass door will make a lot of sounds nevertheless and this will be captured by the sensors.

Our Recommendation

We’ll recommend going with wireless detectors to protect every nook & corner of your house. Why wireless? You may ask. Well, the installation is super quick with these sensors. You just need to put batteries, peel off the sticker, and stick it on your window/door of your choice.

Not only the installation but they are cheaper than a lot of other detectors that use an external power source. More detectors also mean you can put one each on your window. The glass break sensor market is also expected to grow by a huge amount by 2026. So they are expected to dominate long term in the home safety systems niche. Even though cameras are taking the lion’s share in the home security market.

You may find it a lot tougher otherwise to install other detectors that need an external power source. In a lot of cases, you may have to arrange the wiring as well which makes your wallet lighter.

If you’re looking for the best wireless alarm you may need to check this out.