10 Tricks On How To Keep House Warm Without Central Heat

Keeping your house warm without a central heating system is an arduous task. The cost of having a central heating system in place can often run into thousands of dollars. And a lot of people aren’t willing to invest such an amount as they know they will not be used for 365 days a year. We’ll show you a few tricks on how to keep the house warm without central heat.

There are a lot of cheap and effective methods through which you can attain your goal of a warm house. When done in tandem we believe some of these ways can help your house get warm during the winter season. We won’t talk about using heaters though as heaters are commonly used and known by everyone for heating their room.

When you love the winter, winter goes off warmer! – Mehmet Murat Ildan

Using Foam Insulation To Cover Up Gaps

We know you know this but we had to put this out. The importance of filling up gaps no matter how small they are in your windows/doors etc is very important. This can be done with a cheap and effective method that uses spray foam insulation. 

The spray foam will help you fill up these gaps and maintain the necessary temperature balance in your room during winters. These small gaps make your houses colder during winter and hotter during summers. In the summer season, you can make your house more energy-efficient and save on your electricity bills by taking care of these gaps.

In the winter your house will feel a lot warmer if you’re able to block these gaps effectively. If you’re looking for a good insulation foam, you can check out our article by clicking this link.

Invest In Good Curtains

When you’re not planning to invest in a central heating system, you need to make at least a few other little investments. Curtains are something that can keep heat in if you choose the right ones. 

Here we recommend you use thick curtains with tightly woven textiles. Curtains that are thick can help keep your room warm. These thick curtains act as a thermal insulator and trap the heat inside the room instead of letting it move out. 

If you have any thick cloth that is woolen, denim, etc you can even make your own curtain. Making your own curtain doesn’t mean going on about making a new one from scratch. But having these pieces of cloth hung over the existing curtains can also help a great deal in keeping the heat in. 

So you can buy and use them in winter seasons or if you have an existing cloth that can be made as a curtain you may choose to go that route.

Use Woolen Materials For Sofas

People spend the majority of their time in the living room by the day. In the living room, the place where you are most likely to spend the majority of your time is on the sofa. Too often homeowners spend a lot of time finding ways to fix the heating problem and the way they turn too is on the wall. 

Sofas are generally overlooked and their role in keeping your room warm is quite underrated. If the sofa covering is made up of very thin material, one may feel not warm enough when sitting on it. Now considering one may spend the majority of the time on them, fixing them is an obligation.

How will we fix it? Follow the curtain method here. Use thicker materials like wool on your sofas. This will again ensure that the heat is trapped and doesn’t leave it. 

If you don’t plan to spend much you can also take your bed sheets that are not in use and can use them to pad up your sofas.

Open Your Windows During Sunny Days

This is quite simple. Even during winter, there are days when the sun is out. Take full advantage of this and open your windows during that time to take the heat in. Even the winter mornings occasionally have a time period when the Sun does beat.

Identify when it does and make sure to open your windows to take it all in. This will ensure to keep your room warm albeit for a few hours. Opening your windows during this crucial time is quite unpopular and when done well it can help you feel comfy on colder days.

Invest In Some Carpets 

The flooring aspect of any house is quite often overlooked. People don’t understand that the flooring is the single biggest contributor to keeping your room cold or warm. Since it occupies the maximum area and assuming the flooring is the same throughout your house, it can trap or release heat based on its material. 

When choosing correctly it can keep your rooms warm in the winter and cool during summers. Choosing a surface that reflects maximum heat is always a better idea. This helps you keep your rooms cool during summers. However, this same surface will come to bite you during the winter season. 

The trick is to invest in a good quality carpet with thick material. This will make sure the flooring doesn’t get cold by trapping the heat inside of them. Walking on them even bare feet feels like a luxury during the winter. 

Not only that if your house is fully furnished with carpets it also increases its resale value as well. As with carpets, the cost of heating the house overall will be less. So it’s a win-win situation as well as a worthwhile long term investment to make.

An Empty Room Will Feel A Lot Colder Than A Room That Is A Bit Filled

Don’t take this the wrong way, we don’t mean that you cram your room with unnecessary items. But if your room is relatively empty it will become colder during winter and that’s a fact. So we would suggest that you fill up these empty spaces to make sure your room is warm.

This happens a lot when someone moved in a house just recently. There are a lot of areas to cover and the rooms feel empty. It is at this point that the rooms will start getting colder.

Reversing Your Ceiling Fan

Yes, this is actually a thing, and it works well to keep up the heat in your room. All you have to do is reverse its motor and it will rotate the other way. This will collect the warm air from the ceiling and spread it downwards. 

Not sure how to do it? Bring in a mechanic and he’ll get it done for you. 

Keep Your Roof Up To Date

A clean roof is something that is expected from you at all times and not just winter. Sometimes the rain and snow can get collected at the top and this will bring down the temperature of your ceiling. All this will let a significant decrease in your room temperature.

So make sure you check this problem at least once a week to ensure your roof is clean. This will help the sunlight to fall naked on your rooftop and will help increase your room temperature significantly.

The Hot Water Bottle Technique

This may sound weird but it is simple and easily doable. First, make sure you have a bottle that is large enough like more than a liter and above. Next, you’ll need to boil some water and pour it into the bottle. Now, this bottle of hot water can be placed in your bed where you’re going to sleep.

The hot water in the bottle will slowly release the heat and will make the bed warmer in some time. This technique can also be used in the living room where you can place the hot water bottle on your sofa. The heat will slowly spread and make the surrounding areas a bit warmer. 

This technique should not be looked upon as a hassle. You may not need to boil water separately on the gas for this. You can simply use some water you’re using for your bath and this way there is no need to boil water time and again.

Use Winter Friendly Slippers & Socks

If you’re in the habit of walking around barefoot during summers, you may need to discard it during winters. A lot of heat gets released from your feet so it is absolutely important to make sure they are well protected from the outside cold air. 

This becomes all the more important if you don’t have carpets all over your house. Walking on the flooring will cause a drop in your body temperature and will make you feel cold. The solution? Invest in some good quality woolen socks and slippers. The woolen socks will cover your feet thoroughly and the slippers will make sure you get that extra insulation. 

This is even more important to infants & kids who often get cold easily and protecting their feet is the way to go.

These are enough for now but we’ll periodically add even more tips in the future. So watch out for this space on how to keep house warm without central heat.