14 Blink Camera Mounting Ideas To Hide Your Cam In Plain Sight

Blink cameras have become extremely popular in recent years. Part of their success can be attributed to the fact that they are small & sturdy and are easier to mount compared to other traditional security cameras. We’ll go through some blink camera mounting ideas for both indoors & outdoors.

We’ll start with outdoor ideas first and then move on to explore indoor mounting ideas in the later section.

Blink Camera Mounting Ideas For Outdoors

We have a few options outdoors that can serve as the perfect spot for your blink cam. When mounting a cam outdoor, care needs to be taken when finalizing a spot. The spot should be such that it covers your property entirely and you’re able to see the face of any person that steps foot inside your property.

Outdoor spots to hide your mini blink cam are –


Trees are a very popular hiding spot for cameras, but care needs to be taken as to where exactly the cam is to be mounted. A lot of factors should be taken into consideration like how big the tree is. The angle where the camera will be mounted and its position should also be taken into account.

The mounting needs to be such that outsiders are unable to see it. This may also mean using leaves nearby to cover it off completely leaving the lens alone. Make sure the mount is done higher up the tree at a height where one may not be able to reach with bare hands. But make sure it’s not too far up that it distorts the viewpoint.

To help with the mounting a mounting tape can be used which can fasten your blink camera.


If your property is surrounded by bushes then it can be used as a safe hiding spot for your cam. Bushes are generally an even better option than trees as people overlook them easily. Thus they can be strategically used to mount a cam inside them. While mounting take care to make sure the lens is free from any distortion from leaves blocking its path.

Make a few cuts around the bushes surrounding your camera. Doing so will make sure the lens remains untouched even in windy conditions.

As A Dash Cam On Your Car

This trick is the one gaining some traction in recent years. Hiding your blink camera as a dashcam is one of the best ideas to tactically hide your cam and be suspicion free. To make this trick work, make sure your car is overlooking your property in the best way possible.

If you have more than one car then the often unused one can be used as a mount to guard your house against intruders. The fact that the cam is installed inside the car makes it more secure and less vulnerable for anyone to tamper with it.

Under Roof

Roofs on the outside are one of the most used areas to mount a security camera. The reason being that there’s no other area that provides better coverage of your house. It covers a lot of ground from the front end of your house and you have the flexibility to mount your cam at various angles & positions.

The downside is that your camera remains quite exposed in this location and can be easily picked up or distorted by burglars & intruders.

Front Door

Probably the most obvious and convenient hiding place of all, you can go for this if all other options are not viable for you. The downsides are immense as people can spot a security cam on the front door from far away.

But there’s also no better place to mount your blink camera than the front door in terms of viewability. It can double down as a video doorbell as well in which case there’s no need to buy one separately.

On The Fence

The fence is another option to mount your cam, but you would need some tools to get it done. Cam mounting on a fence can be done with the help of mounting brackets that are designed to hold security cams.

You can get these on amazon and they are called flexible twist mounts. These look identical to cable wires except they are much thicker than them.

Using these will help you mount your cam on any kind of fence easily for surveillance. The height can also be adjustable and you can try out different heights before zeroing in on your perfect spot.

You can check these flexible mounts here.

Blink Camera Mounting Ideas For Indoors

As opposed to outdoors the options to mount a camera indoors are plenty and exhaustive. The only downside is that indoor cameras can only cover one room at a time due to the separation of walls.

To counter these you might need several cams, but if there’s one particular location where you need to mount it, then make sure it’s there on the entrance.

Some indoor spots to hide your cam are –


Perhaps one of the oldest and most used ways to hide a camera. Bookshelves are used because it is very easy to sneak a camera in without getting noticed by anyone. If need be you can even shift your shelves to make sure it is facing in the best direction.

Doing so will ensure your camera gets maximum viewability and hence more coverage of your room. Another advantage of sneaking a camera on a bookshelf is the fact that it can be done without the mount. a cam between two books and make sure the lens is clear of any distortion.


Like bookshelves, plant pots are another way to sneak your blink camera in to record your apartment. Just remember not to water them before removing your camera out! Now the very first thing in our mind is to hide behind the leaves which are fine.

But there are a lot of other ways which can make your spy cam hidden in plain sight. One innovative method is to use your pot instead of leaves to hide the cam. An insertion can be made within the pot and the cam can be strategically placed to record your room.

Wall Corner

Again one of the most common yet effective methods, a mount on a wall corner of your choice does no harm. Especially if you’re not concerned to make it look hidden from your guests.

Wall corner mount will give the best viewability for your camera, something you won’t get from mounting it to any other location.

On A Curtain Rod

A sneaky method to hide your blink camera in plain sight is to place it on a curtain rod. Blink camera has a built that can be easily made to mount on a curtain rod of your choice to cover your room.

You can even use the flexible mounts we suggested earlier that are used to mount the camera on a fence. That flexible mount with thick wire-like material can be wrapped on a curtain rod on the top, which can then be used for surveillance.

Behind A Picture Frame

Classic Hollywood stuff that can be still used to monitor your rooms 24/7 without giving anyone a clue. The trick is to hide your camera behind a picture frame. Doing this will involve building a frame that can accommodate a working camera from inside.

Do this with a normal picture and not anything special so as to not attract eyeballs on it. You can even place it behind the frame strategically if you plan not to build a frame. But building a frame will ensure the cam is full proof and hidden from everyone.

On Appliances Like Refrigerator

Hiding your blink camera on appliances is also a great way to achieve your surveillance goals. A refrigerator here is a good candidate for that primarily because of its height. Hiding cameras inside a refrigerator is done for a very long time now but that’s not what we’re aiming for.

Since our objective is to cover the entire room or kitchen in this case the camera should be placed on the fridge. Now simply attaching it straight to your fridge is the simple option. But if you plan for it to remain hidden then the only way is to hide it on top of the fridge.

This can be done by placing a strong & sturdy item that can act as a support for the cam. Then you can throw a few other small items in and hide the cam giving enough space for the lens to record.

Kitchen Area

There are plenty of areas to play around with when you’re planning to cover your kitchen. A refrigerator is something we already discussed but additionally, there are several different places like your upper compartments to hide your blink cam.

Not only that but a blink camera can also be easily hidden behind your appliances like a microwave without giving any clue.

Parting Words Of Wisdom

When choosing an area always ensure that the lens is in place. Many times we are so obsessed with creating the perfect hidden camera that the lens also gets hidden. Whether it’s a regular cam or a blink xt2, make sure to record and check whether your favorite spot is recording correctly or not before finalizing it.