How To Test A Glass Break Sensor – Noise Method

Glass break sensors or detectors play an important role in safeguarding homes. When installed homeowners do need the assurance that they are working perfectly. This can only be done and we’ll show you how to test a glass break sensor.

With other devices like a smoke detector, we generally are able to test easily after installing them. Testing should always be done on all security devices or systems you purchase. One won’t be able to sleep tight knowing he has installed but not tested his security alarm.

But how exactly will one test a device as complex as a glass break sensor?

Do we need to break our own glass pane to test this? Of course not and we’ll tell you what to do.

How To Test? The Noise Method

For most of the sensors out there, there will be led lights to indicate that they are working or not. So if the led light isn’t ON you can assume that your sensor isn’t working.

But this shouldn’t stop you from confirming its operational ability. Will it perform when required? That is the question that needs answers and we’ll test it to confirm it.

Many have tried the technique of breaking a glass item in front of the sensor to see how it reacts to the sound. We’ll never recommend this as it is both dangerous and sometimes the frequencies can be a lot different than that of a window pane.

What you can do is try finding some glass breaking sound from Youtube or any app of your choice. The sound of a glass break is important so as to mimic the actual sound of a glass break perfectly.

The frequencies that might be high or low pitched can only be imitated by an actual glass breaking sound. Once that is done place your mobile phone close to the sensor.

There is no need to place it very near to the sensor, just place it a couple of inches away from it. Now turn up the volume and see how your sensor reacts to it. As a warning make sure you’re wearing earplugs or cover your ears with something else as a precaution.

Upon hearing the sound from the phone the alarm should go off. This way you’ll be able to test your sensor without breaking a sweat.

Also, Remember –

Often times it is seen that the alarm doesn’t go off despite testing. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your sensor isn’t working. When you don’t get a response from your sensor it will be wise to adjust the sensitivity settings.

Contacting the support line of the company where you brought your sensor is also a good idea. Generally, if you explain to them that upon testing you didn’t get a proper response they’ll be able to help you out.

Also, make sure that the sensor is working even when your phone is away. You need to test your sensors from a distance to make sure they are working well. To make this happen, place your phone a bit further than last time and check the response of your sensor.

Our Recommendation

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but effective glass break detector then here is our recommendation. This is a battery-operated sensor which also gives you the option to adjust its sensitivity.

Gives you a low battery warning so that you’re aware when to have your batteries replaced. Since this works on batteries there is no requirement for existing wiring. You can just peel off the cover sticker and place this sensor on any glass pane you want to monitor.

Perfect for not only windows but garage doors, glass doors, and more.