How To Stay Warm Without Heat Or Electricity In 6 Easy Ways

We can all agree that winters can be brutal, especially during the months of January and February. We can also agree that central heating makes our lives a lot more convenient, but we also have to admit that things do happen, and, in a flash, central heating is no more. Have you ever been in a situation where your central heating stopped working and you were shivering in your boots while waiting for the repairman to arrive? Yeah, We’re pretty sure we have all been there. That is why it is best to always have a plan in motion, just in case the unthinkable happens. Here we will discuss some of the best ways to stay warm without heat or electricity.

Cover Your Windows 

We know that you want some sun to shine in on such a frigid day, but this may actually do more harm than good. What do we mean? Well, let’s conduct a little experiment. Walk up to one of your windows, put your hand against the window, touch the window, and then tell us how it feels. It feels cold, right? Well, that means your windows are making your entire house cold.

If you want to cut down on cost, we recommend a cost-effective solution – insulate your doors and windows for extreme weather conditions. This will cut down on the chill and make your house more energy-efficient. Now, who doesn’t like a lower electric bill?  

Hot Beverages

Who doesn’t like a hot cup of Joe in the morning? This shouldn’t come at a shot, but a nice cup of tea or coffee can cure any chill pains that you are feeling. We don’t know about you, but a hot cup of cocoa is always on our menu when winter hits. 

Forget A Blanket, Get A Slanket

“A slanket?” You might be thinking.

Well, add sleeves to a blanket and what do you have? A slanket. A slanket is basically a blanket with sleeves. You get the best of both worlds since you will have all the warmth of being under a blanket and your hands are still free to drink the coffee or tea that you desire. You know what, slankets are now sold online click here to check how they look like.

Light Some Candles

You probably don’t realize how lucky we are to have central heating. There was a time where the only way you could keep yourself warm was by lighting a candle. Well, if you were to find yourself in a position, your best bet would be to light a set of candles that can keep you warm.

Note: For safety purposes, we recommend that you purchase candles that have a protected bowl. You don’t want to have to call the fire department just to tell them that you were trying to create your own central heating.

Fort Building

There’s nothing wrong with trying to get creative while you are sipping on that hot latte that you just whipped up. While you’re waiting for the air conditioning mechanic, you should create a fun activity for you and your kids. Remember the days when you would build a tent in the living room to pretend that you were camping.

Well, why not do it to keep warm during a state of emergency. Once you’re done constructing your fort, just sit back and pretend that you are sitting around a campfire while playing the guitar. We promise it will feel just like the real thing.

Layer Up with Layers Of Clothing 

Do you remember the times when your parents used to tell you to layer up when a blizzard was approaching? We do, and how handy this little trick is during times where warmth is needed. If you think that just wearing a sweater is going to be enough you are mistaken; make sure you have at least two shirts on under that sweater.

If you want to wear jeans, you can wear jeans, just make sure that you have long underwear on underneath. If you are feeling sleeping and want to go to bed, don’t just sleep under one blanket, add a couple more. Great, now you feel all nice and toasty.


You never know how you feel once the heat goes off in your house, so you better be well prepared. We don’t know about you, but we don’t like freezing our toes off while waiting for the repairman.